About us

History of “TABEX-OZMO” Sp. z o. o. is connected with development of steel industry in Staropolski Okręg Przemysłowy. Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski become a very important centre after The Ostrowieckie Zakłady had been established in 1895. The main goal of a new company was supplying the steel plant with refractory materials. After the Second World War the factory changed its name for “Ostrowieckie Zakłady Materiałów Ogniotrwałych”. The industrial development of the whole country increased the demand for refractory materials. The factory expanded, modernized its machinery and technological process and increased the range of offered products.

“TABEX-OZMO” Sp. z o. o. started its activity in April 2001 and it is continuing over – 100-years – old tradition of the Ostrowieckie Zakłady Materiałów Ogniotrwałych. In April 2002 the company introduced Quality Management System, which was verified and approved by DET NORSKE VERITAS POLSKA in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Another proof of the excellent quality is the Certificate ISO 9001:2015 in “Production of refractory layers”.

In the privatisation “TABEX-OZMO” was taken over by a Polish capital company. We are still widening the range of goods, modernising processing line and machinery, implement new technology and adapting production to new market’s trend and clients’ requirement.